We buy items for cash or store credit.  For store credit you can drop off all day, any day.  Feel free to call to make sure we are accepting the items you have at


*Please look at what we buy before you come to sell!

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We buy it all...All day/everyday! No Appointment Needed!

All seasons....All Sizes.....Current and great condition!


The basics are simple, we are buying everything that is baby, kid, teen,& maternity related and all sizes. As long as its current, clean, & great condition. We will take winter or summer but will pay less for off-season items. We are taking all the big baby items like bouncers, walkers, play gyms,& swings. All outdoor play equipment, bunk beds, bikes, strollers, toys, shoes & more. Below are the STEPS to sell, Bring in your items (preferably in 13 gallon bags) please.


(1) We tag the bags and take a couple days to go thru them.

(2) We call you with an offer

(3) You come back in and we apply credit!

(*BONUS* come in within a week of being called to pick up your unwanted items, and get a $5 credit added to your account on "buys" of $20 or more)

*** Only store credit at this time. Store credit is up to 50% of what items can be sold for (on large items).

*** "unwanted" Items that are not picked back up after 2 weeks will be charged a $5 donation fee, and we will dispose of the items for you.

***STORE CREDIT IS ONLY GOOD FOR 3 MONTHS! ** That means as long as you are actively using your store credit (at least once a month) your credit will not expire no matter how long it takes you to use it. If your store credit is not used once in 3 months your credit will expire.

*** What is the 50/50?

Our 50/50 policy means EVERYONE who sells to us and receives store credit must use only 50% store credit each time they purchase. example: Toy box $20 to purchase you can use $10 store credit and $10 cash, check or credit card. 50/50 Every time on every purchase NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can always pay straight cash, check or credit card and save your credit if you wish.

Cash buying is very limited to large items and as items become in high demand.


Here is a detailed list of what we buy and the condition of items we accept:

 All clothes MUST be stain free, smoke/odor free, and tear free. That means no pin holes in shirts, no wear spots on the knees of jeans and no yellowing of baby spit-up on the collar of onesies. We take real pride in offering the best used clothes possible. Basically if you wouldn't put your newborn baby in it, then we won't buy it. If you come in with a pile of half stained clothes you will be asked to take them home re-wash and sort them and come back another day. As parents  our  time is valuable, (as is all parents), and We won't waste anyone's time sorting through items that we cannot buy. That being said we look forward to meeting you and seeing what you have to offer. Below is a list of items we accept and a list of things we do not accept. We will buy clothes out of season, but the price offered is lower because the amount of time before the clothes could be resold. We buy clothes in "lot" amounts not piece by piece. Bring them in washed and folded is preferred.

What we buy-

* If you sold it at "my kids closet" we will probably accept it. With the exception of electronics like Gameboys, PlayStation etc.

We buy-

baby/kids/teen/clothes for boys and girls and maternity, shoes

bouncers, walkers, play gyms, excer-saucers, swings

Highchairs, bumbos, toddler beds,

bunk beds, dressers, kids bedding and any kids/baby décor items,

larger toys/infant toys, bibs, blankets, cloth diapers, baby packs and slings, safety gates and systems. pack n plays, basinets, co-sleepers,

bottles, warmers, breast pumps, nursing bras, belly supports and monitors, car seat covers, cart covers, diapers, kids books, learning games,

mobiles, boppys, changing tables, costumes during season and more!! Bikes, outside play equipment, strollers, kids desks.

What we do not buy:


play station/Gameboy type items


any recalled items

broken, damaged or dirty items


any clothes that are out of style/outdated

Gory  or disturbing costumes

NO Monster High clothes , shoes or toys or BRATS

Any items that have an odor or smell like smoke

clothes covered in animal hair

*** We highly suggest that you bring in everything that you might possibly think we would buy and bring it in with you. The worst we can say is no.

We buy clothes in bulk not by the individual piece.  Large items we buy individually.

*We pay about 30% of what we can sell the items retail for in cash.

OR we offer 20% more for store credit on those same items making it up to 50% for store credit. Always look at our prices before you come to sell your stuff to know what kind of offer you can receive.

* ON OPEN BUY DAYS- (During the Fall/Winter season) You are given 30 minutes to sell all your items, its your choice to sell as little or as much as you want in that time. Some people wait as long as a month to get an appointment due to us being the only place in the valley that pays cash that day, so try to make the most of your time. IT IS A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS ON OPEN BUY DAYS. WHEN WE'VE BEEN MAXED OUT FOR THE MONTH THERE WILL BE NO MORE BUYING FOR CASH.


Due to the EXTREME amounts of buying

The Kid Store has done in the past 6 months, we have had to make some adjustments…

* Buying will be limited to once a month per person. Due to many customers bringing small amounts in every week. Store it up, and bring a large amount down!

* We are limited on how many “buys” we take in weekly. We have hired an additional employee to help go thru the buys. It is advised that you call ahead before you bring in your items to sell, to make sure there is space for you this week.

* $5 BONUS/FEE- pickup your unwanted items or apply credit within 1 week of your offer receive $5 extra store credit BONUS. If you don’t pick up your unwanted items after 2 weeks a $5 fee will be taken from your account. ***ALL items not picked up 3 weeks after the offer has been made will be donated to a local thrift store. We are VERY limited on space and cannot hold onto peoples items very long.

* Our 50/50 program is the only way we can continue to buy the large quantities, off season clothes & duplicate merchandise. 


* Bring in your freshly laundered clothes

* Make sure all your battery operated items work

* Wash up all your toys

* Bag up all small parts